About us

We develop, manufacture and deliver innovative and customized packaging solutions that lowers our customers' total packaging costs and environmental impact.  

Interwell AB

Interwell has long experience in and good knowledge of tailored packaging solutions for a variety of industries, with focus on manufacturing industries. Interwell was founded in 1987, based on our patented cardboard hardening process. It is a prerequiste for our uniquely lightweight and smart packaging solutions. Since 2009 we are part of the Lamiflex group.

Our deep knowledge in different materials and supply of ready-to-use packaging kits create values for our customers. Our ability to deliver quickly and in smaller batches simplify our customers packaging operations.

We ar part of the Lamiflex Group that supplies industry specific packaing solutions globally.


Interwell has worked for many years to create cost efficient packaging solutions for the industries we are serving. Our solutions help our customers lower their total cost of packaing to a minimum. They also have a positive impact on the cost of waste, transports, recycling, health and safety, branding and personnel costs.

Our mission is to make packaging operations more efficient and to create value by sharing best practices beween industries.  


Our vision is to continue as a leader in efficient packaging solutions within our selected industry segments. We help our customers lower costs, decrease negative environmental impact and improve health ans safety in the workplace, by designing and supplying the right solutions for the right product.

Our values

Commitment and creativity in large and in small


We are committed to supporting and developing our customers, partners and employees. We are creative in the design and development of optimal solutions, based on the prerequisites at our customers and partners.

Commitment and creativity minimize environmental impact from our manufacturing and from the end products. We have the ability to create innovative solutions, but also having a local presence and to provide personalized service and support.

Challenge a packaging expert!

We take on the most challenging projects and are almost certain that we can find a better solution than you can do by yourself. Send us an e-mail and challenge one of our packaging designers.