Export packaging made from extra strong cardboard

Lightweight packaging for best durability and ergonomics
The Interwell material is 3-4 times stronger than regular cardboard and is well suited as an export packaging material.

Smart, lightweight export packaging

We tailor your export packaging in form of stackable boxes, pallet containers, long pallets or custom solutions for bulky goods. Our hardened, extra strong cardboard makes it easy to design durable packaging solutions that weigh less.

We are especially good at finding smart solutions to fit more items on each pallet or to minimize scrapping and the risk of strain injuries for the packaging team. 

Ready-to-use packaging kits

Get your packaging materials in ready-to-use kits. It saves time for the person packing the goods and reduces scrapping to a minimum.

When you opt for ready-to-use packaging kits you can place you order, track and check inventory using one single article number.

Interwell strong cardboard can take more

Our extra strong cardboard is 3-4 times stronger than regular cardboard and is suitable when you want to be able to stack boxes or pallets in your warehouse or during transport.

The hardening process also makes the material more resistant to fire and humidity, compared to regular cardboard.

Thanks to its low weight, the Interwell material contributes to decreased carbon emissions during transport, and lower risk of strain injuries among packaging personnel. 

Even though the material has been through a hardening process it can be recycled using the same process as regular cardboard. kan det återvinnas i samma processer som vanlig wellpapp.

Interwell - a sustainable material


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