Export packaging made from extra strong cardboard

We create customized export packaging solutions to fit you specific products and needs.

Export packaging for pallets

Many of our customers export goods on pallets. We have many options when it comes to light-weight soulutions for pallets. 

One common solutions is a combination of a bottom plate, a collar, corner support and a lid, plus dividers that maximize the number of products or components that fit on each pallet.

Sonopost corner support provides extra durability and protection.

Export packaging for bulky goods

Bulkier goods usually require specially adapted solutions. We can combine different materials to a solution that protects your goods even if the logisics require transshipment operations.

Cardboard boxes with or without custom furnishings or dividers

Having the option to stack cardboard boxes with heavier contents is a very common request among our customers. Both stock-keeping and transportation become less complicated that way. We offer cardboard boxes both with and without furnishings and dividers, but usually our customer opt for a complete solution.

Custom export packaging, also in smaller batches

At Interwell we specialize in smart, customized export packaging solutions. We also have the ability to deliver in smaller batches and with packaging materials in ready-to-use kits - perfect if you are a supplier of products manufactured in smaller production batches. 

Save money with the right export packaging

Cleverly designes export packaging minimizes the time and effort invloved in packaging operations. You staff is simply able to package each shipment faster.

When replacing wooden or plywood packaging with Interwell, you decrease the weight on all your shipments.

We will help you find solutions that make more items fit on one pallet or in every box, to avoid paying for unnecessary large transport volumes.

Challenge a packaging expert!

We take on the most challenging projects and are almost certain that we can find a better solution than you can do by yourself. Send us an e-mail and challenge one of our packaging designers.


Interwell extra strong cardboard

Interwell is 3-4 timnes stronger than regular cardboard and suitable for stackable packaging that can be recycled the same way as regular cardboard.

Strong and durable

Our strong cardboard is stong, yet light-weight. It is hardended for better strength, but can be recycled in the same process as regular cardboard.