For the climate, for the society and for your personnel

We manufacture packaging solutions from renewable materials that are lightweight and decreases the fuel consumption and emissions from transports. The Interwell material is hardened and considerably stronger than regular cardboard, but can be recycled in the same processes, without any adaptions.

Packaging materials that weigh less is also avantageous for your packaging personnel. The risk of strain injuries decrease as the number of heavy lifts is reduced.

Lower carbon dioxide emissions

Transport of goods make up for a third of Swedish emissions of carbon dioxide. This is due to the fact that most transports still rely on fossil fuels. With more lightweight pckaging materials, the overall weight of goods is reduced, which contributes to decreased fuel usage and lower emissions. Goods that is stacked efficiently take up less space and require fewer individual shipments, which also contributes to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Recyclable materials

Our hardened cardboard "Interwell" can in many cases totally replace wood and plywood and can more easily be recycled in existing recycling processes along with regular cardboard. You and you customers will not have to make any adaptions to your recycling.

Improved ergonomics

Cardboard is lighter than wood and plywood that is often used in export packaging. It eliminates many heavy lifts and reduces the risk of strain and wear injuries. The packaging operations become less noisy and the risk of crush or stab wounds can be minimized.

Quality and environmental policy

How we work with sustainability, health and safety
  • We minimize the creation of waste in our operations and ensure that all materials that can be recycled also gets recycled.
  • We prevent pollution and contamination and handle substances that may have negative impact on the environment with care.
  • We consider environmental impact and impact of HSE in all management decisions.
  • Our quality and environmental policy is revised and updated yearly.

Do you want to use more sustainable packaging?

Get in touch to get more information on how you can replace packaging made from wood or plywood with materials that are easier to recycle and that help decrease carbon dioxide emissions from your transports.