Interwell extra strong cardboard

Interwell is 3-4 timnes stronger than regular cardboard and suitable for stackable packaging that can be recycled the same way as regular cardboard.

Stronger cardboard for extra durability

The Interwell material is a hardened cardboard with execellent strength. It is suitable as a replacement for wood and plywood in different types of export packaging. In most cases you can stack even heavy goods in either boxes or on pallets when Interwell cardboard is used.

Fire and humidity resistant strong cardboard

The fluid used in the hardening process makes the Interwell cardboard stronger, but also contributes to better resistance to fire and humidity.

100% recyclable

Interwell cardboard should be separated and recycled in the same manner as regular cardboard. The material is well suited as a raw material for production of new paperboard or cardboard. It is not suitable for energy recovery (burning in a waste-to-energy facility) since the hardening makes the material hard to ignite.

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Export packaging

We create customized export packaging solutions to fit you specific products and needs.

Strong and durable

Our strong cardboard is stong, yet light-weight. It is hardended for better strength, but can be recycled in the same process as regular cardboard.