Swegon in cooperation with Interwell and Pacudo

Interwell, in cooperation with Swegon and Pacudo, has developed a unique solution for packaging of Swegon's comfort modules. Swegons goal was to decrease the use of wood in packaging and thus minimize sawing and nailing that causes dust, noise and increased risk of injuries and incidents.

In the new solution, Swegon's comfort modules are stacked in individual boxes on a pallet and then protected in the corners with Sonopost corner protection made from extra strong cardboard. A folding lid is placed on top and edge protection added before the goods is secured with straps and stretchfilm.

Packaging time cut in half

At Swegon's factory in Arvika, the packaging time for the PARASOL family of products have been cut in half, thanks to the new solution where wooden crates have been substituted with the Sonopost corner protection.

Simplified handling and less waste at the construction site

Time is saved also on the construction site, since unpacking is now quicker and there is no need to use crowbars to open wooden crates. The amount of wooden waste that need to be separated and left for recycling has decreased.

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No complaint filed due to damaged packaging

Seibu Giken DST is a Swedish manufacturer of sorption dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers from DTS are sold through a global distribution network and subsidiaries in China, Poland and the USA. DST has used Interwell's complete solutions for distribution of dehumidifiers since the 1990's. The solutions used are cardboard boxes in Interwell design, with different furnishings and dividers, but also wooden packaging for larger machines.