No complaint filed due to damaged packaging

Seibu Giken DST is a Swedish manufacturer of sorption dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers from DTS are sold through a global distribution network and subsidiaries in China, Poland and the USA.

DST has used Interwell's complete solutions for distribution of dehumidifiers since the 1990's. The solutions used are cardboard boxes in Interwell design, with different furnishings and dividers, but also wooden packaging for larger machines.

Sourcing manager Elias Shahin tells us he that he never had a complaint due to damaged packaging when Interwell packaging has been used, which is something they value a lot.

"Since the packaing solution is easy to use and come in ready-to-use kits, and can be stacked, it fits our needs well since our goods is usually a bit heavy. Some of out trasports are air freight, and in those cases, using lightweight materials is advantageous. Interwell can be flexible and deliver quickly, in smaller batches, shich is something we also value."

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